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Business Process

Our goal is to work closely with our customers to understand their business issues and to apply our best-in-class approach to address these issues. We bring deep industry experience in key areas of the order-to-cash cycle including debt and collection management.


Our approach is to align your key business processes with your Key Performance Indicators. Throughout our engagements, we work to ensure full compliance with regulations. Our approach is data-driven and we work with our customers to ensure that the appropriate analytics and management reports are in place. Our goal is to help improve the decision making from these analytics in order to maximize your return on investment.

Sophisticated Customer Segmentation Strategies can allow operators to understand customer behaviour and risk at the granular level – and take actions to protect their revenue.


Managing credit risk is always a complex challenge — one that becomes even more complex against a backdrop of market volatility, strong competition and evolving regulatory guidelines.  Our fact-based diagnostic approach helps clients increase revenue and minimize costs by supporting the development of sound credit-risk strategies, organizational structures, customer segmentation strategies, vendor management and portfolio-
management processes.

A regional retail gas and electricity operator in Canada, operating in a set of small communities, was faced with a growing problem of poor credit and collection results, increased bad debt expense and inconsistent application of policies and procedures. They engaged Mazume Solutions to study their customer base, processes and make recommendations to turn results around.

Cost to Serve Optimization - Case Study

This case study demonstrates how a leading US-based energy retailer reduced costs by millions by understanding cost to serve and making operational changes to reduce them – while maintaining Customer Satisfaction,


Cost-to-serve is a well-established approach for learning which customers matter most and how to manage them with the proper cost/service balance. Cost-to-serve analysis provides an activity-driven view of how specific dimensions, such as products, customers, process and channels, consume resources and incur costs and compare to industry and competitor benchmarks.  

Our fact-based diagnostic approach allows for a segmented study of all costs and balances them with organizational objectives, corporate culture and other factors to ensure the study is one that can be implemented, not just an academic study.

Debt Management - Case Study

This case study shows how a debt management strategy stretches across the customer life-cycle and touches all areas of the business – and a considered proactive strategy can clean up the balance sheet and add millions to our client's bottom line. 


In this study, Mazume worked with a leading consumer services retailer in the US, who faced significant challenges regarding how they managed bad debt. As in many cases, they used a “dialing for dollars” brute force strategy that returned some results but failed to address the systemic process problems that allowed bad debt to grow and was not managed in an organized way. Mazume approached each area of the business with a clear strategic process on how companies need to effectively manage bad debt. The diagram below illustrates this holistic approach across the customer lifecycle.


Mazume approached each account with a clear strategic process on how companies need to effectively manage bad debt. Our client executed a holistic approach across the customer life-cycle to achieve a bad debt reduction of 2.8% achieving an annual saving of $14 million (USD).

Case Studies

Customer Segmentation - Case Study

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